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Bebods. The new ‘go anywhere – digital first’ brand for children’s personalisation, creativity and safe self-expression.

Make yourself as a Bebod to express exactly who you are, or aspire to be. Friends, families, superstar celebs – everyone loves to be a Bebod!

To join in with the Bebods fun head over to the Popjam app, our awesome creative playground where your Bebods can be the star of the show amongst our 83,000 followers.

Bebods. Cute, creative, and cool. Just like You!

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  • Bebod GIFs

    Breaking NEWS - Get your Bebod GIFs from our new Gify channel

  • Sticker App

    Bebods Sticker App now out for iMessage - add some Bebod fun to your chat ! Get them here.

  • bebods on Popjam

    Follow bebods on the Popjam app to get involved with all the daily bebods fun and creativity.

  • The Bebod BFG

    Ever wondered how the Bebods BFG was created ? Here's how with a 'One Bebod Born Every Minute' clip - Click Here